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Grooming When a dogs coat is left unkempt, problems can develop and lead to discomfort and pain for your dog. I do a physiology and anatomy check so l can alert owners to illnesses, such as ear infection, tooth decay and serious skin conditions. Good grooming is essential for a healthy happy dog!
Posh Petz, Mobile Dog Grooming has a hydro bath installed in the van. This costly equipment came all the way from Australia, it helps keep your dog healthy fit and maintains strong muscles. The hydro bath is fully sanitised between each dog wash. Fresh water is also used for each dog.
Nail Trimming
At Posh Petz, I trim long claws as it can cause serious discomfort and pain for a dog. The pressure of long nails on a dog’s toes and paws will cause strain on their legs. Long claws are also quite prone to splitting and infection.
Turn your pet to a prince or a princess, I take the time to look after your pet in the best way possible, I also remove painful matted hair.
Ear Cleaning
Ear wax in dogs is very common. Dirty ears can lead to chronic ear infections, requiring veterinary visits and expensive medications. I include cleaning the ears with all my grooming sessions.
Scissor Styling
Ensure that your dogs hair is naturally fresh, shiny, and trimmed well so that your pets coat can maintain its good condition.
All dogs get my full attention at all times and are either hand dried or cabinet dried. I brush, shampoo and condition all coats before I begin to dry.
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